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Our Locked away 


We live in an age marked by sophistications and abundance, and yet marred by amenities and botches. The mind always seeks care and reverence, but the canvas of life also depicts distant dreams, unfulfilled wishes, broken promises and a plethora of pain, portraying the echoes emanating from the visage of the many souls who are the protagonist of the edifice and alacrity of the canvas of life. Interspersed in the annals of the past, present and future, they offer a telltale about their agony and sufferings, happiness and bohemian way of life. 
As an artist of procuring the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy, it then becomes my utmost persuation to bring to the fore, the obverse portrayal of life, the shades which speaks many languages and is invincible to both near and farsighted eyes. But from the perspectives of a photographer  working like an opthalmologist in this case, this pied beauty, which otherwise is overshadowed by high rising minds, becomes easy to comprehend. 
In retrospect, the entire episode also showcases my son, 'Shreyas emotions'-- a form of soliloquy of a child's somberness; the pain and the inability to express his agony over his social surroundings, during the gloomy days of the pandemic lockdown. Constructed meticulously, the child's emotion is picturized in the form of phases as he passes through various degrees of his poignant thoughts.

I am trying to focus but everything seems so hocus-pocus.

I want to breathe with everybody but the mask is a task now which I despise!

The more I try to run away from this bitter truth, the more I get entangled in the circle of life.

Like the flora after a storm, I feel of a silent storm that is about to precipitate.

I have a feeling that I am being a target of circumstances. But why me?

I can sense the melancholy of my father looking outside and thinking about my issues..but I can perceive a freedom from bondage and hope to go out soon.

I have a feeling that I am being a target of circumstances. But why me?

I am relieved now as my mother is too. Her emotive posture frames this fact!

The time is now as I break free to  enter a journey to exit the pain but am still uncertain about the outcome.

I am now sure that I am entering the station to fly on tracks, to a unknown distant destination.

The thought of flying brought out my stubborn nature as I behold, it is now or never!

Leaving behind the shadows of gloomy days, I move forward to a destination which is yet to unfold.

Though echoes of the gloomy past has had an impact on my countenance, but the mind is fresh with the hope and thought of lush moors.

At a closer look, I could see beyond the landscape as far as my little eyes could go, and there in the distant horizon was a clear blue sky.

Nature has made me a little mature. The land and the sky gave me a beautiful message of blue and green, of sadness and happiness, and that they go hand in hand. I feel free now!

My mother had taught some nuances of camera works. Taking this as an opportunity, I basked into nature trying to capture its emotions. I feel blessed.

With the sudden chugs of the engine, I could see the destination, that remained unvisited, leaving me behind with a dream of going to 'the place'.

Alas! The dream has broken as I break the imaginary fence and go back home.

Like a solitary cloud drifting towards uncertainty, I move towards a certain point, my home.

Yes, it was all a dream, but it was a pleasant one. With the figments of my imagination, I am going back, holding the vivid images of nature.

Back to the bower of high walls and limited landscape. Back to engagements!

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