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How does it feel to perceive an eerie feeling of void amidst everything? 


A state of nothingness within an obscure mind that makes you restless yet placid, perplexed yet alert, demented yet ever hopeful. All this mixed together wakes the arcane pineal instincts and eventually embarks you on a journey that the conscious overlooks, almost every time. 


A feeling of Deja Vu, an unexplainable state of mind has inspired me to see the unexplored magical shadows, minus the highlights.


But things created from nothing, as the ancient scriptures second me, seems to be unique from its point of view.


This is a tiny effort to present a pictorial representation of this long-awaited newfound path, a path through the mysterious 4th dimension, a path rarely explored by any.


Could faintly hear a whisper - " You did not see different things, you just saw them differently."


Let this endless voyage towards nothingness continue and help me rediscover myself, again and again...

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